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Excellence in Vascular Access Education
since 1992
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Pathway to Expert

Find your pathway to Expert! Become a certified PICC inserter
This is a pathway to grow your career as a vascular access specialist. Attain expert status in this exciting field by following the below pathway. Whether beginner or qualified PICC inserter take the next steps to raise your qualifications to Expert then maintain those qualifications through renewal and experience.

Hand tailored to meet your needs

Step One

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  1. Beginner Bundle
  2. Workshop and Complete Precepted insertions
  3. Have your preceptor take the Basic and Preceptor Courses
Step Two

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  1. Complete courses dealing with Selection, Safe IV Patient Care, PICC Site Assessment
  2. Establish competency with supervised insertions
  3. Perform more than 25 insertions
  4. Apply for CPUI
Step Three

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Submit your:
  1. Education
  2. Competency assessment
  3. Insertion history
Then complete the exam
Step Four

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  1. Take courses regularly, retake courses to refresh your understanding
  2. Infection Prevention, PICC and CVC Complications, Advanced Ultrasound Assessment, Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Insertion
  3. Maintain your status with CPUI renewal every two years through education, insertion and competency